video projection, binaural audio, VR data exploration


An audio-visual installation, not for humans but for their brains. A transdisciplinary research project with the neuro-scientific department at Fraunhofer IAO.

Produced by ZKM Karlsruhe.

A collaboration with Christian Losert.

More Info → Autopoiesis


threads, phosphor, laser, motors, sound


Phosphorescent threads orchestrate a score of light, sound and darkness. Collaboration with Christian Losert.

LOOM is an audio-visual apparatus using the preciseness and velocity of today’s computing possibilities, at the same time referring to the still underlying core principle of the old weaving machine and their punch cards: a sequence of ONs and OFFs.

More Info → LOOM

Lost in Space

visuals, generative point cloud, real-time, music


Visuals for the tour of LA based Artist Emmit Fenn.

More Info → Lost in Space

Das Große Ganze

hard drive disks, LEDs, frame construction, electronics


A grid-like arrangement of led-enhanced hard disk drives. Creating an overall image of an archive in an hallucinative state.

More Info → Das Große Ganze


large scale laser, fog


An architectural media installation creating spatial compositions drawn with light.

For the inauguration of "100 Years Bauhaus" I was commissioned to develop and art piece on the central square of Weimar, the city home to the Bauhaus era. Laser beams are used as formable substance, like an element that can connect or overlap with one another, Light is being used as solid shape, creating somewhat feelable volumes. An ever changing structure, whose form builds an architectural lightscape.

More Info → Punkt

Screw Lock

sintered metal, 3d printed screws, passwords


Unique screws and screwdrivers generated from passwords. A collaboration with Gaspar Battha.

Tools are considered to be on of most early known trades for human culture. They can extend our capabilities, creating a very ancient collaborative hybrid of humans and machines. Screw Lock is inspired by this idea and continues this thought by enabling the creation of unique tools based on the digital asset of a password.

More Info → Screw Lock

Please Sign Here

petition, scanned signatures


Accessing unprotected scanners worldwide to collect signatures for a petition to produce better protected scanners.

The amount of unprotected scanners connected to the internet are countless. This project was accessing scanners over a period of 3 months, following a list of IP addresses reachable from any place in the world.

More Info → Please Sign Here


printed scans, collected worldwide, hack


A giant wall of scans collected during one day across the whole globe.

With the help of a hardware search engine, custom created scripts and a battery of computers, more than 5.000 scanners were accessed during the "Computer Security Day". An instant scan-bed snapshot of Hewlett Packards worldwide.

More Info → Grauzone

Brief Imagination

screens, location based scanning, shredder


A real-time search of remotely accessible scanners with Google Earth, shredded instantly.

Spectators can accompany a machine searching through cities and countries worldwide to find unsecured scanners. Once found, the scan will be printed at the exhibition and directly falls into a paper shredder.

More Info → Brief Imagination

No Ctrl

printer, toner, fire


Burning a vulnerable printer, and preventing others to do it with firmware updates.

So called 'fusers' inside laser printers are responsible to burn the colour into the paper. A firmware bug in specific printer models allowed a disruptive print process, making it possible to inflame the printer. Enough reason to attempt to remotely update all these printers found on the internet.

More Info → No Ctrl

Status Ink

newsletter, ink, printed all over the world


A newsletter distributed through unprotected and remotely accessible printers worldwide.

As part of 'To Whom It May Concern' this work is making aware of unsecured devices and software security in our digital age. The ever growing connectedness of entities on the internet wasn't matched by the amount of care dedicated to the security of these objects.

More Info → Status Ink

Real-Time Trophy

3d print, tracking, ceramic, filament


Producing always unique trophies in real time, shaped by the course and result.

The trophies resemble the very special cause of events in a race. Real-time information is analysed accurately and translated into a 3-dimensional shape. The trophy is being printed simultaneously to the race. When the race is finished the trophy is ready to be lifted.

More Info → Real-Time Trophy

Charity City

game plugin, generating donations


Browser Add-On with which the virtual investment in games is equivalently generating real donations.

Building a hospital in Sim City -> Making real donations for "Doctors without Boarders". A micro-payment service is being used to make tiny donations to real institutions while building your virtual world, consisting of schools, farms, agriculture etc

More Info → Charity City

Absoluter Kanon

visuals, 16mm projectors, 16mm film, gazes


A self referring canon of shapes and movements, inspired by the 'Absolut Film' of the 1920s.

'Mechaphorical' arrangement of 16mm 'Carl Zeiss' projectors all connected with the same film, resulting in a time shifted repetition of overlapping forms and visuals.

More Info → Absoluter Kanon

Data's Celebratory Takeoff

balloons, helium, paper notes


A floating, cloud-like assembly of private messages covering an exhibition's roof.

The playfulness of balloons is resembling the ease and sometimes naivety with which we give away our private data on the internet. Due to the balloon's permeable skin the helium is leaking out so that after a while the balloon falls down on the ground, making it reachable to other visitors -> a symbolic analogy to the 'Electronic Communication Privacy Law' which is allowing the observation of cloud stored data older than 6 months.

More Info → Data's Celebratory Takeoff

I Found Playground

app, webcams, urban play


Using webcams to see yourself in the city, and become a player in a game.

Any public space being captured by CCTV cameras or similar can be transformed into a playground. Using the captured image, and finding yourself in it makes you become a character in your own surrounding.

More Info → I Found Playground

Talking Trash

trash, sensor, trash files, apple-scripts


A peer 2 peer service trading trash. Throw away real trash and receive a file from another person's desktop trash.

A sensor attached to a bin next to your desk detects whenever you throw something into it. This information is sent to the other person, wherever in the world, and sends back a random file out of his or her desktop trash.

More Info → Talking Trash

Welcome To Cablegate

prints on paper, topic extraction


Generative typography intelligently displaying 'buzzwords' from documents of the Cablegate affair.

The Cablegate affair provided an enormous amount of publicly available documents, sent across US embassies worldwide. These documents, so called cables, were mostly treated and declared as highly confidential. After being leaked by Wikileaks, this projects tries to provide a visual interface to the vast amount of content.

More Info → Welcome To Cablegate